About Ticketer

Ticketer is a recent and innovative entrant to the bus and multi-modal transport ticketing market. Ticketer has a single focus – to revolutionise bus ticketing and put ticketing control back in the hands of the operator, no matter the size of fleet.

The Ticketer system is the industry’s most innovative and cost-effective ticketing solution. It improves the bottom line by delivering advanced features that allow managers to run their business with maximum flexibility but without the need for expensive support.

The basic premise is simple – put ticket management control in the hands of the operator, remove any need for depot infrastructure, and provide all system support via a hosted managed service that operators can access via a web browser over the internet.

Ticketer’s business model aims to distinguish itself from historical models. Licensing is ETM-based and, consequently, there is no restriction on the number of concurrent users an operator can have on the system at any one time. Moreover, every interaction with a customer is free of charge and designed to improve the product for all our customers. Ticketer has never charged any operator over our quoted price, and we have no doubt that it is through working collaboratively with operators and customers that the product continues to improve. It is this principle that shapes our development model, providing operators with ongoing product improvement and support.

Ticketer is a UK-based company. Our software is developed and devices are manufactured in the UK, using industry-standard components. This approach ensures technical, manufacturing and assembly are all handled locally, enabling us to control production changes, maintain quality standards and keep timelines to a minimum.


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