Self-managed System

All aspects of running the ticket machine can be managed by operator.

  • Manage your own ticket machines.
  • Make changes to your services as often as you like.
  • Never pay anyone to update your ticket machines again.

The guiding principle of Ticketer is to enable operators to take control of their own ticket machine configurations without any reliance whatsoever on a third party supplier. This allows them to maximise their potential and makes them a tool for profitability rather than a cost burden. Ticketer knows that operators are best placed to develop ideas on how to use ticket machines to assist their drivers and increase the profitability of their business, but they have been restricted in the past by the complexity, delay and cost of being able to implement these ideas.

Being able to manage all aspects of the ticket machine themselves, to be able to do so in minutes and without having to pay for every change, frees operators to explore multiple possibilities. As such, the usability of the system, both for the driver and operator, is integral to the delivery of that principle. All changes can be made by you in our easy-to-use web portal, so there is no need for specialist tools or expertise to make changes. If assistance or advice is needed, this is provided by us without further charge.

The flexible nature of the Ticketer solution means operators can find ways in which they can make operation of the ETM easier for the driver, and bus travel easier and more attractive to passengers. This, therefore, could improve operator revenues. In addition, by being ‘always online’, the system now has the rapid response capabilities needed to meet changing market conditions or actual operating conditions, without having to pay a premium for ‘immediate attention’.

Updating fares is always viewed as a daunting task. Not anymore. Numerous import tools are also available should you have your setup already defined in another format, such as Excel™. However, you are not limited to using the portal to manage your fares; these can be exported in order to use other tools if you wish.

With the Ticketer solution, you can define any number of tickets and add them to the services as appropriate. Total control is within your hands, and you can define any aspect of the ticket from the stops it is valid at and the time of day it can be sold, to the logo and name of the ticket.