Depot-free Infrastructure

Fully featured, web-based Back Office Configuration Management and Reporting system.

  • Software-as-a-Service, fully hosted back office – nothing needs to be installed on site.
  • Transactions and fare updates transmitted ‘over-the-air’ to and from the Ticketer servers.
  • Data stored and backed up in a highly secure environment.
  • Data available to view and manage from anywhere.

The Ticketer back office is delivered entirely through a standard web browser, meaning all that is needed to access ticket sales data and manage fares is an internet connection. This also means that operators can access the Ticketer system from anywhere in the world and are no longer restricted to a limited number of PCs in the office. Hosting the back office centrally removes the need – and hence a significant cost – to deploy and support any depot infrastructure, and offers a coordinated view of your information, irrespective of depots or location.

The move to a fully web-based solution, and removal of any reliance on desktop virtualisation products to deliver back office functionality, enables the entire ETM management system to be accessed by any PC or device with a web browser. This avoids the costs and additional IT overheads required to deploy specialised client software, as well as ensuring access to information for the greatest number of authorised staff, all without additional licensing costs.

The secure management system is hosted within a best-in-class dedicated Hosting Provider that offers 100% uptime availability. Data is backed up every 15 minutes and regularly synchronised to a further offsite hosting facility.

The Ticketer back office platform, and all the shared infrastructure, leverages market-leading resilience and uptime for users, without any of the cost or expertise required for standalone systems. The Ticketer system has been designed with multiple levels of resiliency and redundancy, which would simply not be possible for a site-based solution without incurring substantial costs.