Financial Benefits

Enhanced control and accurate reporting of ticketing operations

A direct path from ETM to back office ensures maximum accuracy of tickets and passenger numbers, eliminating multiple steps in conventional systems which absorb cost and add the potential for error.

Remove cost and support of depot infrastructure

The capital outlay for a Ticketer solution is very simple. It is just a cost per ticket machine. There are no ‘hidden’ costs for back office servers, wide area network (WAN) infrastructure or additional operating system licences. If you can access the internet, you have everything you need to access the Ticketer back office.

License-based model with a fixed annual cost – budget with certainty

By delivering the hosted solution on an annual, per ETM, licence basis, Ticketer can deliver you a known and fixed cost over the course of the contract, irrespective of any additional development delivered, or the software changes that may be required as operating, legislative or reporting requirements alter.

With the licence being per ETM-based, not ‘per seat’-based, allows an unlimited number of users within your organisation to access the system, ensuring maximum value of the solution to the operator.

All software upgrades included

We operate on the basis that all our customers are on the latest version of software on the ticket machine and the back office throughout the life of their licence. This ensures that the support overhead is simplified because we will always know what functionality you have, as well as ensuring that any new feature is available to all our customers when added. There is no additional maintenance charge for keeping up with the latest version; we ensure you are always up-to-date as part of your licence.

Ticketer’s architecture allows both the portal and device upgrades to be carried out in the background with no interaction by yourselves. Software updates are downloaded automatically to the ETM, so there is no need for any office administration to ensure all machines are updated, nor is there any need for an engineer to attend your site.

Integrated functionality reduces licence, maintenance and support costs of multiple systems

Consolidating multiple separate functions into one multi-purpose system has numerous functional and operational benefits. But, importantly from a commercial benefit, it reduces cost and is simpler to maintain commercially – a single licence rather than dealing with multiple parties.

Certified to secure 10% enhanced BSOG uplift where available

Currently operators in England can qualify for an 8% bus service operators grant (BSOG) uplift should their ticketing system be ‘smart enabled’. But, in addition to that, Ticketer operators also qualify for an additional 2% due to the integrated vehicle location functionality, which is available as part of the standard solution.

This enhanced BSOG is available retrospectively for the full year in which the Ticketer ETM is installed, and annually thereafter.