Tech Corner

With millions of people using our systems every day, Ticketer is reshaping the public transport industry. In the UK we’ve gone from startup to market leader and we’re just getting started.

Our development and QA teams build both the device and server side.  Rapidly iterating and deploying software that works, scaling as new challenges are thrown at us.

But what’s it like being on the engineering team?

We’re constantly innovating to help give our customers the edge. The engineering team is tackling some of the most interesting and demanding engineering problems of modern software development, including:

  • High scale. It took the seven years to process the first billion tickets, we’re midway through completing our next billion in less than 12 months.
  • Micro-services. We’re embracing a micro-service architecture and looking to tools like Docker and Kubernetes as we strive to continually improve our development and deployment story.
  • IOT. We have tens of thousands of ticketing machines out there in the field in constant communication with our servers.
  • Real-time processing. We publish a number of real-time feeds (we can even influence traffic light systems to help keep public transport on time) and have our events processing pipeline remain low latency.
  • Resilient systems. We’re critical infrastructure for our customers – we take building a resilient, self-healing infrastructure very seriously.
  • Big data. We’re have massive amounts of data about – unlocking this is key to helping our customers be more successful and improving public transport for everyone.
  • Cloud based. We’re migrating to the cloud to help us scale more quickly.
  • Defining standards. We’re helping to defining various standards in our industry (such as data formats) in coordination with the Department for Transport.

The engineering team is still small, around 20 people, though we punch way above our weight. Ticketer’s hit that rare sweet spot: a small, super smart and highly agile team combined with the resources and backing that comes from a proven product – meaning we can move fast and think big.

We pride ourselves of having a low bureaucracy, hands on, collaborative and pragmatic culture.

If you like being on the cutting edge, making an impact, and actually seeing your systems in the real world, you’ll love being in this team.

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